Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Heroes Award - Worst Season

Named For: Heroes (NBC) 2006-10
Awarded To: The series with the worst season of the year
2010: Heroes (NBC)
2011: Eastbound and Down (HBO)
2012: Terra Nova (FOX)
2013: Kroll Show (Comedy Central)

Here are this year's honorees...

5th. Siberia (NBC) 1 points
3rd by T-time

4th. Under the Dome (CBS) 3 points
2nd by Jack

3rd. Parks and Recreation (NBC) 9 points
2nd by T-time, Ty, Bonz, Braids; 3rd by me

2nd. Homeland (Showtime) 12 points
1st by Lar, Bonz; 2nd by me

and the Poolie goes to...

1st. Sons of Anarchy (FX) 20 points
1st by T-time, Jack, Ty, Cecil, Braids; 1st by me

This is is Sons first win at the Poolies. For the last four years the show was nominated for The Wire Award and finished as high as fourth.

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