Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekly Comedy Rankings- The New Apahtment

Jeff- "Oh look! Indiana Jones and the Apartment of Perpetual Virginity."
Troy- "Chops busted fellow adult, chops busted."

One thing was constant throughout the participants in the Weekly Comedy Rankings this Friday. Community was not only the best episode of the week, but the best of the season so far.

1. Community
2. The Office
3. It's Always Sunny
4. Parks and Rec
5. Suburgatory
6. Happy Endings
7. Modern Family
8. Bored to Death
9. The League
10. South Park
11. Last Man Standing
12. Wizards of Waverly
13. Up All Night
14. Good Luck Charlie
15. Two and a Half Men

MVP for me was Dwight Schrute, although I like Jack's call of MVP for George Altman of Surburgatory (even though it took me 10 minutes to figure out who that actually was). Everyone was so good on Community that it was hard to give anyone the MVP.

Funniest moment for me was the gang's reactions to Frank's story on It's Always Sunny, but after re-watching Community, I would change that. Now I would have to go with Troy breaking out a cigarette out of its classy metal case, only to eat it when Britta went to light it. Brilliant.

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