Monday, October 10, 2011

Homeland 102 Review- A Hero Comes Along

Carrie- "No one said becoming a terrorist would be easy."
It definitely wasn't simple for Sergeant Nicholas Brody, but by the end of "Grace" it seems rather clear that he has come out of his PTSD funk just enough to be the terrorist the Abu Nazir wanted him to be.

Figuring out Brody's deal came much quicker than I thought it would have, as we are now only two episodes into the series, but it was so intriguing watching the man become standoffish with his family and finally play the hero card to the American public that it's easy to forgive the speed at which this development occurred.

While many of the stories in "Grace" were so exciting to watch unfold, it is this character development of Nicholas Brody that has been so fun to grab onto.

I originally thought that the fact that both Carrie and the audience weren't able to see inside the garage was going to make for some very interesting reactions from Claire Danes and everyone watching as this series moved forward. However, after showing the former POW in the garage, with his newly acquired prayer rug, it seems that the dramatic irony involved gives way to a much more exciting viewing experience.
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Homeland 102 - "Grace"

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