Thursday, October 27, 2011

Survivor Week 7- Stupid Sacrifice

Ozzy- "I don't want to say you lost it for us, but you made a huge error and it cost us the win."

It's comments like that which make me think that Ozzy deserved to be sent to Redemption Island. Also, there is the fact that it was his stupid idea that put him there in the first place.

The thing is that if this plan of Ozzy's works, he will look like a genius, but the risk is definitely not worth the reward, so he is an idiot. He sends himself out of the game to head to redemption island, where the next duel challenge could easily be one of luck. He is banking on his ability to win one challenge (heck maybe two if the merge doesn't come the next day), instead of continuing to be at the top of the food chain on Savaii. It's just dumb. The name of the game is Survivor. Try to survive Ozzy. Don't put yourself in situations like these.

Ozzy and the rest of Savaii's major problem though? Upolu has God on their side. As I've come to learn after living in the south for a year and a half now, people like this actually exist in real life! It's funny to watch them give all the glory of their success to God, but it's even funnier when Coach is making a mockery of the whole thing.

He is the one leading the religious charge, yet he leading a prayer circle asking for the idol when he already has it in his pocket. He then goes out and pretends to have found it so that it can look like it was their prayers being answered!?!? Hilarious Coach! Way to make a joke out of the beliefs you pretend to have.

It would be a lot funnier if he was actually making all of the religious stuff up, but sadly he is just insane.

Let's take a look at some of the fantasy scores, which is leading more and more to Mags be relegated to the developmental league, and Jack moving up with the big boys. There is still a lot of season left though...

Champions League


Brandon +30: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +60
Rick +10: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +40
Christine +13: Duel Win (+10)= +23
Dawn +27: W7 (+22)= +49

Last Week +80: Team Total= +172


Ozzy -5: Votes (-24), Idol Use* (+20)= -9
Whitney -15: W7 (+22)= +7
Cochran +19: W7 (+22)= +41
Edna +25: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +55

Last Week +24: Team Total= +94


Albert -5: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +25
Mikayla +3: Duel Loss (-10)= -7
Jim -9: W7 (+22)= +13
Semhar -43

Last Week -54: Team Total= -12


Coach +21: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +51
Elyse -142
Keith -85: W7 (+22)= -63
Mark -173

Last Week -379: Team Total= -327

Free Agents
Sophie +61: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +91
Stacey -27

Developmental League


Albert: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +30
Whitney: W7 (+22)= +22
Coach: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +30
Edna: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +30

Week 7= +112, Team Total= +362


Ozzy: Votes (-24), Idol Use (+20)= -4
Cochran: W7 (+22)= +22
Sophie: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +30

Week 7= +48, Team Total= +251


Keith: W7 (+22)= +22
Brandon: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +30
Jim: W7 (+22)= +22

Week 7= +74, Team Total= +242


Mikayla: Duel Loss (-10)= -10
Rick: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +30
Dawn: W7 (+22)= +22
Christine: Duel Win (+10)= +10

Week 7= +52, Team Total= +240

Free Agents

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