Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekly Comedy Rankings- Level One Wine

I had a couple of lengthy conversations about the current television front-runners over Twitter today. Before getting into those, let's take a look at which shows I thought were the best this week...

1. Community
2. It's Always Sunny
3. Happy Endings
4. Rules of Engagement
5. Bored to Death
6. Parks and Rec
7. The Office
8. Suburgatory
9. South Park
10. Last Man Standing
11. The League
12. Wizards of Waverly

As you can see, Community topped my list for the second straight week. It also was at the top of Jaydon's, T-time's, and I assume Jack's if he would ever get his done before Saturday. I found it funny when Rizzo claimed that he and the rest of the NYC squad found the last two Community's unwatchable. Both Jaydon and I were dumbfounded for responses, and he concluded with "Don't know how you can like Community and not love the last two." I completely agree. I understand not enjoying Community on the whole. It's a different breed. It's comedy is not for everyone, but if you like the show, I don't get not liking the last two. This week's had the best and most material for its funniest players (Troy, Abed, Pierce), which has me wondering what the problem was for those guys.

I had It's Always Sunny in the second spot, continuing what I have thought to be a very good season thus far, and Dennis Reynolds for my MVP of the week. All of the Sunny guys performed well, and I've always been a Dennis guy, so he comes up smelling like roses in this ridiculous episode about a made up board game. Charlie definitely had a couple of great moments, especially when he remembered why he wrote down "because Dennis is a bastard man."

My funniest moment was from this week's South Park. While the episode on the whole wasn't all that great for me, it was responsible for my single loudest laugh of the week. The episode, like the play within the show written by Randy, was a bit too up front. But after the theme of men taking their wives to the theater for the sole purpose of being treated well in the bedroom ran long enough, they executed things perfectly when an older gentleman complained to Randy that he was trying to enjoy watching Wicked with his granddaughter. The entire build up was worth it for Randy's "You f*ckin' pervert!"

It's awesome that Jaydon, and now T-time and Jack have kept going with this Weekly Comedy Rankings, but I'd love to see more people get involved. Marsh, Rizzo, anybody else who wants to get in on this is more than welcome.

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