Friday, October 28, 2011

The Office 805 Review- Fear Factor

Toby: Every Halloween I tell him the same thing; you can't bring weapons into the office, and every year he says the same thing; as soon as I get my weapons back I'm gonna kill you.
The Office took a week off after the fantastic "Garden Party," and followed that up with a lackluster attempt at a Halloween episode.

Indeed, "Spooked" featured a few laughs here and there, mostly from the brilliant Ellie Kemper, but it also had a couple of attempts at meaningful storylines that came nowhere nearing paying off.

Let's start with Kemper's Erin and her former boyfriend Andy Bernard. The former spends the entire half hour attempting to please Andy because she thinks she's doing a poor job and is going to get fired. Granted, she is dishing out hilariously awkward lines like November's sure creepin' up huh? Can't stop that month, but like I said, it didn't payoff.

The reveal is that Andy has a girlfriend of 31 dates. That's great, but these two are not Jim and Pam. Stop trying to force them on us.
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The Office 805 - "Spooked"

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