Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Homeland 104 Review- Smartly Selfish

Brody- "There's nothing wrong with me."
It wasn't that much more evident than in the first three episodes of Homeland, but Carrie Matheson was certainly out for her own self interest this week, which was why the clever title of "Semper I" made so much sense.

Our favorite CIA analyst was finally starting to gain some steam on Abu Nazir and the case of the stolen necklace, picking up what seemed like trust and confidence from her team in Washington, but she just couldn't help herself.

The warrant on her surveillance ran out so she was relegated to the old stake-out technique, which is what forced her into the precarious situation of following Brody into the Veterans' support meeting.

Is she completely self-serving? Maybe. Does she act this way in an effort to hurt those around her? Absolutely not. She thinks what she is doing is the best for both herself and the country. Is there a mix of psychosis in there as well? Most likely yes, which makes it all the more interesting as we watch it unfold.
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Homeland 104 - "Semper I"

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