Thursday, April 15, 2010

Survivor Week 9- Take My Idol, Please

Russell Hantz- "Now I don't even have to find idols...People are actually giving me idols."

Was this entire episode just a dream? Or did I witness the most ridiculous move in the history of mankind? You're a member of the Heroes tribe. If you win the final immunity challenge you go into the merge at an even five to five against the Villains. Instead of taking your chances against what you think is an "all girl alliance" of five, you hand over the most coveted commodity on Survivor? Yes JT's plan, which was eventually enacted with only one slight questioning by Amanda, was to give Russell his hidden immunity idol so that he could save himself and join forces with the Heroes after the merge.
"Granted I get a chance to talk to Russell at the next immunity challenge and we win...I give him the hidden immunity idol, he votes out Parvati- Bam!- Done."
What?!? First of all the guy admitted the biggest problem with this plan. He's guessing as to what is going on inside the Villains tribe. Of course we know that his guess is completely wrong. You're guessing on the situation! You have maybe 10 minutes of contact per day with the opposing tribe and you think you can get a feel on what is going on? I thought you guys played this game before. Well when you have a guy like JT in charge, a guy who didn't do any game play his first time on Survivor, you are gonna be in trouble.

"We're gonna make Survivor history with this one today guys," JT said. Well you're right brotha. You're making history as one of the worst moves of all time. As Parvati so succinctly put it, "You don't hand the enemy idols." What you do with hidden immunity idols is what Parvati did with her new found one. You keep them hidden.

Unlike JT who gave his away, and Russell who once again showed the whole tribe his shiny new toy, Parvati used a strategy closest to what I think should be done. She showed only one person her hidden immunity idol clue and later on the idol itself. She showed Danielle and kept it a secret so that she can create a strong bond with her and only her. If you tell the whole world, then you lose that bond and have less trust with your idol buddy. Good work Parvati. What do I know? She'll probably get eliminated for it soon.

Fantasy Results

Punch Face Champions

Russell (Villains)- W9 (37), Merge (8)= 45
Danielle (Villains)- W9 (37), Reward (4), Merge (8)= 49
Sandra (Villains)- W9 (37), Reward (4), Merge (8)= 49
JT (Heroes)- W9 (37), Im (8), Merge (8)= 53
Tom (Heroes)
Week 9= 196 Total= 725

Redwood Original

Boston Rob (Villains)
Parvati (Villains)- W9 (37), Reward (4), Merge (8), Idol (10)= 59
Colby (Heroes)- W9 (37), Im (8), Merge (8)= 53
Sugar (Heroes)
Candice (Heroes)- W9 (37), Im (8), Merge (8)= 53
Week 9= 165 Total= 596

DJ Roomba

Tyson (Villains)
Randy (Villains)
Jerri (Villains)- W9 (37), Reward (4), Votes (-4), Merge (8)= 45
Rupert (Heroes)- W9 (37), Im (8), Merge (8)= 53
Amanda (Heroes)- W9 (37), Im (8), Merge (8)= 53
Week 9= 151 Total= 543

Kick Puncher III

Coach (Villains)
Courtney (Villains)- Reward (4), Votes (-20)= -16
James (Heroes)
Stephenie (Heroes)
Cirie (Heroes)
Week 9= -16 Total= 164

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