Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Voice Semifinals Review- Xtina Marks Her Spot

Christina Aguilera and her fans in the crowd are becoming more and more difficult to deal with on The Voice, but it's worth suffering through to get to fantastic performances like we saw on this week's Semifinals.

Seriously, I'm not sure which is worse, the fans that repeatedly scream out that they love Christina, or the pop queen responding to them every single time. It was more than that, though, this week. Christina was taking every opportunity to show her pipes, get up on stage to show her booty and make every contestant's performance about her. At first it was a bit entertaining, but now it's just getting annoying.

There were some great performances, too, making it even more of a shame Christina was too busy to notice them. Let's take a look at all that went down on The Voice's Semifinals...

Tony Lucca - "How You Like Me Now"
So his sob story is that he cooks dinner for his family? That's not going to get it done, Tony. What will get it done, though, is that performance! What is so interesting about Tony is that his voice doesn't sound all that phenomenal, but I am still intrigued every time he's on stage. Maybe it's that he is just so darn cool, or perhaps it was his unbelievably exciting performance skills, but I loved this a whole lot.

Blake said it was bad ass. Christina tried as hard as she could not to compliment him, but enjoyed his dance moves. Cee Lo became a fan of Tony. Adam said it was the perfect thing at the perfect moment.
Grade: A-
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