Friday, May 4, 2012

American Idol Top 5- Ledeted To The Judges

I like Phillip Phillips.  I would probably enjoy his music when he comes out with a record.  Phil is probably well on his way to winning this entire competition, but he was God awful this week on American Idol.  As bad as Joshua Ledet?  No, but still bad.  You have to give the judges credit.  They decided that they wanted Josh to make it to the end for some ridiculous reason, and they have done as much as possible to make that happen.  He was in the Bottom 3 guys the very first week of the finals!  He has passed a ton of people on his way to now being voted as one of the Top 3 overall this week.  With their constant praise, and non-stop standing ovations, Jennifer, Steven, and Randy have triple-handedly advanced Joshua to the Final Four.  That is a feat worth celebrating, because he is the absolute worst.

Fantasy Idol

Phillip Phillips: Safe (+45)
Skylar Laine: Eliminated (-22)
Erika Van Pelt
Adam Brock
Brielle Von Hugel
Top 5: +23, Team Total: 287

Jessica Sanchez: Safe (+45)
Shannon Magrane
Elise Testone
Aaron Marcellus
Johnny Keyser
Top 5: +45, Team Total: 221

Deandre Brackensick
Baylie Brown
Joshua Ladet: Safe (+45)
Chelsea Sorrell
Creighton Fraker

Top 5: +45, Team Total: 182

Heejun Han
Hollie Cavanaugh: Bottom 2 (-11), Safe (+45)
Jeremy Rosado
Hallie Day
Chase Likens
Top 5: +34, Team Total: 158

Colton Dixon
Reed Grimm
Eben Franckewitz
Haley Johnson
Jen Hirsh
Team Total: 58

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