Friday, December 11, 2009

Survivor Samoa- Weeks 12 and 13

Nice little double elimination episode this week. I like it because there is much more game play embedded in the show, and less fluff. After Jaison won the first immunity the group decided to get rid of Dave Bald to throw Shambo some love. As it went on and on, the editing made it seem as though there were going to go against Shambo's wishes and eject her from the game instead. The editing is very sneaky sometimes. So when Russell commented at the tribal council that the most important aspect at this point in the game is getting rid of people that are well liked, I got a bit confused. For as good as he is, how would he think that anyone in this game liked Shambo and would vote for her at the end? I was pleasantly surprised when Russ and the rest of the crew decided to keep the waste of space Shambo around, but I would've been happier if they had figured out to get rid of the ridiculously nice Brett instead.

To start the second half of the episode, Brett found the perfectly opportune moment to win his first individual immunity. Russell came in third in this contest, but was pretty much out of the running about half way through. Has he won a competition yet? Can you imagine how could he could be if he could win a few things when he needed to?

Anywho...Monica, with her life on the line now, started to stir up the pot. It was fantastic as she started telling Russell all of the stuff about him that Jaison and Natalie were telling the old Galus. Russell obviously confronts Jaison and he in turn denies everything. He pull a Michelle of Big Brother and tells the camera he doesn't remember if he told them or not. Please. All of this then prompts Jaison and Mich to start to question whether or not to turn on Russell at this point. How long are you fellas going to wait? One of you two have to make a single move at some point in this game. In the end, all of Monica's moves may have been for not, because she went home with a 6-2 vote. Having said that, it may have stirred the pot enough to make things interesting gearing down towards the end here.

Fantasy Results

The Technotronics

W. Russell-W12 (67), W13 (79), Votes (-8)= 138
B. Russell-
Monica- W12 (67), Votes (-20)= 47
Natalie- W12 (67), W13 (79)= 146
Weeks 12 and 13= 331

Freecell Makes Me Wanna

W12 (67), W13 (79)= 146
Brett- W12 (67), W13 (79), Im (20)= 166
Weeks 12 and 13= 312
Total= 1,022

Canon Controversy

Jaison- W12 (67), W13 (79), Im (20)= 166
Dave- Votes (-28)= -28
Weeks 12 and 13= 138
Total= 869

Sweet Niblets

Shambo- W12 (67), W13 (79), Votes (-4)= 142
Weeks 12 and 13= 142
Total= 597


  1. jaydon i am coming for you...brett is a force

  2. Yea son, I just looked at the score and got pretty nervous. I thought I had this in the f'n bag. Look out for Loose tho, he has Shambo.

  3. i wish i could drop her to the waiver wire.