Wednesday, December 9, 2009

90210- Jasper's Safety Net

Although most people (myself included) have been pleased with the improvement of the second season of 90210, many have been disappointed with the recent story line of the Annie and Jasper relationship. The general view I've heard is that it's been boring and they've completely disregarded the fact that she ran over his uncle in last year's season finale. When they first met everyone thought that you were going to have to watch on the edge of your seat as you waited to see when Jasper was going to enact his revenge on her for what she did. But they went another route with the whole thing and I, unlike some, enjoyed it.

They put the story in the background and made you sort of forget about it for a bit, while the other plot lines grew. The Liam and Jen's saga, Teddy and Silver's budding non-romance, Adriana's second drug stint and Dixon's relationship with an older woman took center stage. As Navid and the others got closer and closer to outing Jasper as a drug dealer, Annie continued to not believe it (mainly because Jasper denied it to her multiple times). When Adriana finally comes forward and admits she has been buy drugs from Jasper for months, Annie believes her. In a crying fit, she gets Jasper to admit his short comings. He is surprisingly calm because he has, what he always knew he had, the safety net that is the truth about Annie's manslaughter drive.

The generic and obvious story line to draw out would have been to have this guy plotting his revenge on Annie. Have Jasper bring her into his life for the sole purpose of taking her down for what she did. Instead what I think they did was take a character that is clearly broken and has no friends, and figured out a new story that I haven't seen on tv before. Maybe he had a few moves that he could pull on Annie, but knew that at some point she was going to turn on him for his drug dealing habit. Therefore he used the dirt that he had on her, not to seek revenge, but to give himself a cushion that would land him this girl for a much longer time. Maybe she'll stay with him even after finding out the truth, because if she doesn't he will tell everyone that she killed his uncle. Very clever in my opinion. And very satisfying.

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