Monday, December 7, 2009

Poolies Watch- Phoebe Buffay Award

The Pheobe Buffay Award is given each year to the best female character in a comedy series. Last year's winner was Liz Lemon and she should be in the running again in 2010. She's no where near the level of Alex Russo and Miley Stewart, who top my current list, but Lemon has more followers so she remains the heavy favorite heading into this year's vote.

Alex Russo- Wizards of Waverly Place
Jenna Maroney- 30 Rock
Liz Lemon- 30 Rock
Miley Stewart- Hannah Montana

The only two that I currently have as being nominated that I have no confidence in are the only two that were in the running a year ago. Kelly Kapoor and Angela Martin have really brought nothing to the table this year in Scranton, PA. Sleeper alert on Annie Edison of Community. She's been picking up speed during the past three or four episodes, and what I used to find as annoying with her is turning into funny.

In for Now
Angela Martin- The Office
Annie Edison- Community
Gloria Delgado-Pritchett- Modern Family
Kelly Kapoor- The Office
Lilly Truscott- Hannah Montana
Macy Misa- Jonas

Here's where it gets tricky. Well only on one account. I am almost finished with the first season of Party Down, which had one season on Starz last spring. I am torn once again on whether to place it in comedy or drama. Sure it is actually a comedy, but it doesn't seem to be built around the funny to me. The emotions of Adam Scott's lead character Henry Pollard seem to be the main focus. His relationship with Lizzy Caplan's Casey Klein seems to be priority number two. Sure there is comic relief in the surroundings, but it doesn't seem to be what drives the show. Having said that, I'm gonna throw Casey Klein in here for now.

Outside Looking In
Allison Brooks- Gary Unmarried
April Ludgate- Parks & Recreation
(Casey Klein- Party Down)
Claire Dunphy- Modern Family
Sonny Monroe- Sonny With a Chance
Stella Malone- Jonas


  1. hasnt started yet this year, but based on the first season, veronica from better off ted should be a contender

  2. oh yes better off ted...i thought that was really brutal when i tried out the pilot. maybe not i guess.

  3. Ridiculous. Party Down is in nowhere near a drama.