Monday, December 14, 2009

Poolies Watch- Samantha Marquez Award

The Samantha Marquez Award is given each year to the Best Female Character in an Action Series. Last year's top three finishers in the inaugural Poolie Awards are all top nominees heading into the second half of the television season. Last year's champ, Sarah Walker of Chuck, along with Juliet Burke and Chloe O'Brian of Lost and 24, have yet to hit the airwaves this season. All three shows will return in 2010. The only top contender that we have already seen this season is True Blood's Maryann Forrester. As the evil and conniving maenad, she wreaked havoc on Bon Temps before meeting her doom at the end of the second season.

Top Contenders
Chloe O’Brian- 24
Juliet Burke- Lost
Maryann Forrester- True Blood
Sarah Walker- Chuck

Next we have an eclectic group of ladies hanging on to nominations at this point in time. I have no idea why Claire Bennett is still on this list, but for some reason I can't leave her off. Elizabeth Mitchell could make history if both her Juliet of Lost and Erica of V finish with good seasons in 2010. Two characters by the same actress nominated in one category. Unprecedented. Having said that, The Poolies have only been around for one year, so it's not that big of a deal. I've only seen two eps of Sons of Anarchy, but Tara has me interested thus far. Maybe it was Maggie Siff's role as Rachel Menken on Mad Men that has my early interest.

In For Now
Claire Bennett- Heroes
Ellie Bartowski- Chuck
Erica Evans- V
Grace Van Pelt- The Mentalist
Remy Hadley- House, MD
Tara Knowles- Sons of Anarchy

And then we have a few more vying for the coveted Poolie nomination. Cameron didn't show much on the little time she had left on House, and Olivia and Anna of Flash and V, respectively, haven't been on long enough to get a good feel for them. I'll be interested to see how large a role Claire Littleton will play on Lost in this the final season. After all, she is dead. She is supposed to be back in the fold though, so that might give a few clues as to where the plot is heading. Either way, she had been up and down in my opinion before she died. She had her good moments, but she also was terrible at times in the earlier seasons. I have a good feeling about her this year though.

Outside Looking In
Allison Cameron- House, MD
Anna- V
Claire Littleton- Lost
Olivia Benford- Flash Forward
Renee Walker- 24

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