Friday, December 11, 2009

Glee- Three Aspects of Quality

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Quiet Pool favorite Chuck is a fantastic show because it is great at three things...Comedy, Drama, and Action. In that same vein, Glee has become a good show over the first half of its first season because it is good at three things...Comedy, Drama and Music. After I gave up on it during the pilot, I came back to it because of growing buzz and Glee slowly but surely got better and better as the season has gone along.

The drama aspect of the show has gotten better, and more realistic, as the show has progressed. It was strongly evident in this week's fall finale, as we witnessed Rachel out Quinn and Puck's secret to Finn, Finn and Quinn deal with that fall out, and Mr. Shue end his marriage and finally make a move on Emma. Finn's rampage in the choir room was enough for me to give him props on this ep, but he then stepped up again by bring the squad together and getting them through the sectionals show.

The comedy aspect of the show can be explained by two words. Sue Sylvester. Although Rachel is usually good for some comic relief in each episode, this week she was too focused on bringing down the house in her musical number to bring the funny. Sue obviously didn't fail to crack me up every time she was on the screen. Jane Lynch is great, but this character is way better. After watching all but two episodes of Party Down, I can say that her character on that doesn't come close to comparing to the level of Sue Sylvester. Not only is what she says hilarious, but her actions may be better. After her first confrontation in the hallway with Shue this week, she performed a fist pump for the ages. Sue followed that up with a shove of a student in the hallway after her second chat with Shue. Classic.

The music aspect is what really puts Glee over the edge. An underrated part of the singing scenes is when someone is belting out a tune in the choir room, like Mercedes did in this week's ep, and the rest of the Gleesters are reacting to her performance. Watching them loving it reminds me of myself watching American Idol every week of the late winter. As good as those moments are, they aren't nearly as good as the show performances themselves. This week's numbers were two of the best yet, as Rachel went solo on Barbara Streisand's "Don't Rain on My Parade" from the play Funny Girl to start sectionals off with a bang. The rest of the crew joined in for a number that will always get me excited, but this time gave me chills, in the Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want." Great stuff.

Glee doesnt return until April, so I will have to get my tv music fix from Idol which starts in January.

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