Friday, July 24, 2009

Top Movies- 90s vs. 00s

With a couple of the Sports Guy's recent podcasts touching on the topic of movie of the decade, it got me thinking a bit. One of the points made was that the 00s didn't have as many great/iconic movies as the 90s. At first I thought, "isn't it too early to grade the 00s since we haven't had enough time to reflect on the films?" I then went ahead and took a look at our trusty Imdb Top 250.

These are the movies from the 90s in the imdb top 50

1. Shawshank Redemption
5. Pulp Fiction
6. Schindler's List
15. Goodfellas
20. Fight Club
22. Usual Suspects
24. Silence of the Lambs
27. The Matrix
32. Se7en
35. Leon
37. American Beauty
39. American History X
42. Forrest Gump

...pretty unbelievable list

And here are the movies from the 00s in the top 50.

7. The Dark Knight
13. LotR- Return of the King
17. City of God
21. LotR- Fellowship of the Ring
25. Up
29. Memento
33. LotR- Two Towers
43. Wall-E
45. Amelie

...that is a pretty pathetic list. Three out of the nine are Lord of the Rings. Not that Return of the King wasn't great, but the first two? Come on. Two Pixars that are not in the same realm as Toy Story and Monsters Inc.

Either there is a flaw in the imdb system, or the 90s dominated the 00s in movies.


  1. I agree that list isn't great--and in good time Up and Wall-E may both fall. But the top 250 is quite fluid. I could definitely see The Lives of Others, The Departed, Eternal Sunshine (especially if those drugs actually become a reality), Pan's Labyrinth, The Prestige, etc., moving up and making a play.

    I mean, Good Will Hunting is finally in the top 250... what will happen next?!

  2. No Juwanna Man? How can you even give this list any credit without a classic like that?

  3. If you compare the top 50 for each, it's a bit more even.