Thursday, July 16, 2009

Florida Trip- Park Voting

8. Downtown Disney (34 points)
--Ok so we only went to DisneyQuest for less than an hour, but getting kicked out of Virtual Jungle Cruise after 45 seconds was classic enough to get a 3rd place vote from Bonz.

7. Blizzard Beach (33 points)
--Blizzard Beach just edged out Downtown Disney even though we had one of the best Teamboat Springs runs in a while. Nothing like jumping around in the raft during the slide and then pretending to sleep at the end. The Kid also made his first run down Summit Plummet and it was not all it's cracked up to be.

6. Islands of Adventure (29 points)
--The rides at IoA just don't stand the test of time like Disney does. The long walk through the queue of Dueling Dragons was tough to take and Spider Man was (as JJ and I said all along) not as good as Busch Gardens' DarKastle.

5. Universal Studios (27 points)
--JJ was the only one who had been to Universal in a long time, so I was happy to have a bunch of new things on my plate. The atmosphere still couldn't hold a candle to any of the Disneys but between Mummy, Simpsons and Shrek it was a good big three.

4. Animal Kingdom (25 points)
--Maybe the best top four (everest, dinosaur, festival, safari) of any of the parks. Hit Everest twice and Festival was fantastic this year (mostly thank to Lion King Enthusiast sitting next to me during the show. She was going nuts through the entire thing).

3. Epcot (15 points)
--How did Epcot make it this high? Jonny didn't even go. Soarin' is great and the ambiance is always nice, but Test Track and Living with the Land as your two and three? Interesting.

2. Magic Kingdom (11 points)
--Ok so we didn't get on a lot of the big guns this year (splash, thunder, jungle), but it didn't matter because the Brazilians made up for it. Can't get much better than foreigners thinking the Bonz is a celebrity and demanding pictures with him for a good 15 minutes straight.

1. Hollywood Studios (6 points)
--Well it does get better and it's the one-two punch of American Idol and Great Movie Ride. When Tower of Terror and Rock 'n Roller Coaster are your fourth and fifth best rides, you got something going on.

Individual Votes Here at Google Docs

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