Friday, July 31, 2009

Big Brother 11- Week 3

Like I said last week, they are actually playing the game this season. It was definitely in Jessie's best interest to boot DJ Casey out of the house. He's a strong competitor and he was aligned with the other side of the house. Why would he get rid of Ronnie, when it's not likely that The Dork would win another HoH. At this point Ronnie has no allies and Jessie should be able to use him as he wishes.

It still amazes me that people can get offended and our surprised when they are put on the block. Casey said that he 'didn't know what he did to get in that spot.' Case, it's Big Brother. You have to expect that you can go up at any time. Maybe if you weren't 6 foot 5 and trying at competitions you wouldn't have such a target on you. Did you watch Dan blow competitions last year? That's how it's done.

Two pieces of big news from Julie Chen this week...

One: the cliques are over (They need to get a little sneakier with these announcements. When Julie brought them into the living room, three people said 'cliques are done.') With no more cliques I see Jessie and Natalie still sticking together, but that's about it. I wouldn't be surprised to see Russell jump ship, and who knows what the Michelles and Chimas of the world will do now.

Two: special power. America will vote on one housemate to receive a special power. This housemate can switch the two nominees for two that he/she wants at any moment (including right before the eviction vote). He/she has this power for the next two weeks and can use it for either eviction. I am going to add a ten point bonus for whoever America picks to have this power.

Fantasy results

1st. The Babysharks (The Kid)
Russell (Athletes)- 4
Ronnie (Brains)- 4
Kevin (Off-beats)- Lux (5), 4= 9
Week 2= 17
Total= 64

2nd. Working Title: Plate Boys (Lar)
Jeff (Athletes)- 4
Lydia (Off-beats)- 4
Michelle (Brains)- Nom (-5), PoV (15), 4= 14
Week 2= 22
Total= 41

3rd. Working Title: Pizza Eaters (Mags)
Casey (Off-beats)- Nom (-5), Votes ((-21)= -26
Jordan (Populars)- Lux (5), Nom (-5), Votes (-3), 4= 1
Natalie (Athletes)- 4
Week 2= -21
Total= -9

4th. Gaydon's Misery (Jaydon)
Laura (Populars)
Braden (Populars)
Chima (Brains)- 4
Week 2= 4
Total= -59

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