Sunday, July 19, 2009

Florida Trip- Attraction Voting

38. Lazy River Ride (172)

37. Ellen's Energy Adventure (163)

T35. Jaws (158)

T35. Star Tours (158)

34. Runoff Rapids (154)

33. ET Adventure (151)

32. Dudley Do-Right (146)

31. Living with the Land (143)

30. Men In Black (134)

29. Test Track (125)

28. Toboggan Racers (124)

27. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor (122)

26. Kilimanjaro Safari (121)

25. Jurassic Park (120)

24. T23D (118)

23. Double Dipper (108)

T20. Summit Plummet (104)
--the scary walk up to the top wasn't worth the three second thrill down to the bottom

T20. Incredible Hulk (104)

T20. Pirates of the Caribbean (104)

19. Tower of Terror (102)
--It's crazy how much our antics on a ride can move it so far up or in this case, down.

18. Enchanted Tiki Room (95)

T16. Shrek 4D (92)
--Way too long of a pre-show. Thanks, we didn't need an entire recap of Shrek 1.

T16. Rock 'n Roller Coaster (92)

15. Buzz Lightyear (91)
--50% chance that you're gun or cart will be broken. If working perfectly, much higher.

T13. Dinosaur (85)

T13. Spider-Man (85)
--As I've said before, great ride but no Dar Kastle. And no room for antics.

12. Dueling Dragons (77)
--One of the best coasters out there mainly because of the thrill of smashing into the other dragon.

11. Toy Story Mania (74)
--Awesome precision with the shooters and the 3D effects are great. Unlike JJ, I love that I could win by shooting as fast as I can.

10. Soarin' (60)
--If not for Jonny skipping Epcot, Soarin' would have easily finished top five.

9. Virtual Jungle Cruise (58)
--Highly dependent on antics, getting kicked off in 45 seconds boosted VJC into the top ten.

8. Mummy Returns (51)
--For my first run, I was impressed with the story, but it needed to be a minute or so longer.

7. Teamboat Springs (48)
--It's crazy how many of these top attractions are based solely on antics. Pretending to sleep at the bottom of this will never get old.

6. Festival of the Lion King (41)
--I don't think anyone has enjoyed the Festival more than the lady sitting to my right. And she definitely made it a better experience for everyone in our section.

5. The Simpsons (35)
--Sort of a cross between the old Back to the Future and Spider-Man, the Simpsons Ride had great motion, a cool story, and a gigantic screen that really made you feel like you were in Springfield.

4. Expedition Everest (33)
--Great theming, great coaster. Enough said.

3. Mickey's PhilharMagic (32)
--Can't beat this nostalgic show through 90s Disney classics. Best 3D show out there.

2. Great Movie Ride (20)
--Wow does this depend on your tour guide and the others around you. This year everyone was cracking up at us while we were ducking down to not get shot by the gangsters and giving Muggsy our wallets and phones when she asked for them.

1. American Idol Experience (6)
--Right out of the box. Idol takes over where Millionaire left off. It's sad that no one in our group can sing, because if one of us could go on stage this attraction may never be topped. Nothing like getting your antics recognized and complimented on by the host and judges of the show.Individual Votes Are Here

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