Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Florida Trip- Food Voting

The Park Guys made their way back to Florida for the fourth time this July. It was the five year anniversary of the first ever Forcella family trip with friends in tow. Unlike year one, there was no Case the Base and no Whitey...but The Bonz was still there kicking around, and Jon the Bon made it for his second trip with the Park Guys.

As always, the trip was capped off by The Kid's What started out as me bugging my family members to vote on what theme park attractions were the best, has blossomed into something the entire group looks forward to and has spread to restaurants, workers, guests and superlatives. I'll be posting the results here and recapping some of the events of the trip along the way.

Food Voting

T13. Yacht and Beach Club Bar (55 points)
--Some pretty disgusting, greasy burgers at this bar. It didn't help that it started to rain heavily immediately after we finished eating.

T13. Starlight Cafe (55 points)
--Ttime hopes that this was the best chicken sandwich Jonny ever had. Although Ttime also had some fries here, it didn't stop him from jumping down Jon the Bon's throat after we lost some major time at the Magic Kingdom.

12. Wendy's (54 points)
--This was the Ttime and JJ show. After the Wendy's Jerk gave JJ change for a $10 when he ued a $20, Jayj objected early but then let it go. Ttime came to the rescue and was clever enough to get the money back from the manager.

11. Boardwalk to Go (52 points)
--Always a good late night snack of chicken sandwiches, fries or burgers when we would get back from the parks and nothing else was open. Boardwalk to Go never had any problems so it beat out the bottom three.

10. Funnel Cake Stand (50 points)
--While we were at Epcot we were supposed to be enjoying 52nd Street (Billy Joel cover band) and complaining that they only sang 80s doo wop Joel, my camera broke and I was stuck trying to fix it. Meanwhile The Bonz got a funnel cake and JJ scarfed down some fried ice cream and I was very jealous.

9. Old Port Royale (48 points)
--Why am I the only one who still enjoys the Caribbean Food Court? So much selection, a ton of ease, and great atmosphere.

8. Pizza Planet (44 points)
--Not nearly as good as the Pizza Planet in Toy Story, but solid.

7. Beaches & Cream (33 points)
--Thank you Twitter...I got an tweet that said Beaches & Cream, the soda shop at Yacht and Beach Club will now be serving breakfast. Pancakes were a perfect choice for our last day's breakfast.

6. Sonic (30 points)
--A southern classic, Sonic is always a great experience if only because of the roller skating waitresses.

5. Domino's (29 points)
--How did this beat out Sonic and B&C? I can get Domino's anywhere, when I'm in Florida I want something different. To be fair it was the cheapest thing we ate all week.

4. Waffle House (28 points)
--I wouldn't eat my grits anywhere else. Well I don't eat grits, but if I did, it would be at Waffle House. Seriously though...Waffle House hashbrowns, I love you.

3. Earl of Sandwich (27 points)
--Surprise bronze medalist. I know my meatball sandwich was fantastic, but what was it that got JJ and Ttime to vote it so high? Maybe they enjoy not eating...or maybe JJ likes to argue that a chicken sandwich isn't a sandwich.

2. ESPN Club (11 points)
--Can't beat the ESPN Club at 6:00 PM when the live show is on.
ESPN Riley: "Where you guys form?"
Park Guys: "Baltimore."
ESPN Riley: "You all Ravens fans?"
JJ: "Nope, Raiders."
ESPN Riley: "Why are you Raiders fans in Baltimore?"
JJ: "Two words...Bo...Jackson."
ESPN Riley: "Haha, I like this group. Keep a microphone in this corner."

1. Margaritaville (9 points)
--Jimmy tunes and Cheesburgers in Paradise. It doesn't get much better than that. The food was great and Jesse the waitor brough Jon the bon his food out first. What more can you ask for?

Full individual voting can be found here thanks to google docs.

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