Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Vegas and New Power Rankings

Friday TV

Las Vegas (NBC). Last night was the 2 hour season premier. I feel like my boy Larry is the only one who is still with me on this show. A whole lot of controversy has arisen from my love for The Vegas. Let's put it this way, it seems like every other time I'm talking to someone they're hating on Vegas. There are three almost unarguable statement about this show. The writing is usually bad and corny. The acting is sometimes bad and corny. The characters are unbelievably lovable. For me, sometimes it is the less than stellar writing that helps make this show so good. It's fun to laugh at how stupid comments sound but know that it would probably be the sweetest thing in the world to hang out with Danny and Mike. I challenge anyone to not crack up from joy when Danny says, "They only make the best burgers here."
8 out of 10.

Performers of the Week

1. Danny McCoy (Las Vegas)
2. Alex Karev (Grey's Anatomy)
3. Marc Sloan (Grey's Anatomy)
4. Dwight Shrute (The Office)
5. Randy Hickey (My Name Is Earl)
6. Kevin Malone (The Office)
7. Mike Cannon (Las Vegas)
8. Michael Scott (The Office)
9. Noah Bennett (Heroes)
10. Marsh McGinley (Back to You)

9/29 Power Rankings

(last week's ranking)

1. Heroes (1)
2. Lost (2)
3. Las Vegas (4)
4. The Office (3)
5. 30 Rock (5)
6. 24 (6)
7. Entourage (7)
8. Grey's Anatomy (9)
9. Friday Night Lights (8)
10. Curb Your Enthusiasm (10)
11. Journeyman (-)
12. Rules of Engagement (11)
13. Greek (12)
14. American Idol (13)
15. House (17)
16. My Name Is Earl (14)
17. Family Guy (16)
18. Desperate Housewives (18)
19. Cane (-)
20. Scrubs (19)

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