Friday, September 28, 2007

Fantasy and Thursday Night

First off I have recently come across to new fantasy games that I obviously have signed up for and started playing. The first is Fantasy TV at You edit your pre-draft rankings for characters, they draft your team for you and then you set your line up with two starters for each night (Sunday through Thursday). You are allowed to start 3 lead characters, 4 supporting characters and 2 quirk characters. Quirks are things such as "times they mention diseases in House" or "any time a character uses a power in Heroes." They don't have any characters from the first year shows so that's pretty bootleg. I obviously pre-ranked all of the characters I love highest regardless that not all of them score high points and most of them are on the same night. A character gets points for minutes they are in scenes, drinks, name mentions and kisses (minus points for swearing).

My Squad:
Sundays- Peter Griffon Family Guy
Senator McCallister Brothers and Sisters
Quahog town members getting their name mentioned in Family Guy
Mondays- Hiro Nakamura Heroes
Noah Bennett Heroes
Heroes showing their power
Tuesdays- Diseases and conditions in House
Thursdays- Michael Scott The Office
Dwight Shrute The Office
Jack Donaghy 30 Rock
Tracy Jordan 30 Rock
Derek Shephard Grey's Anatomy

The second game is TV Big Shot ( In this one you are a network executive and you get a certain amount of money to buy shows with. Shows receive points for their ratings each week. Bonus points are given to a show for winning their time slot, being top five in ratings for the week, any actor from the show appearing on a magazine cover, and Gold Globe winners.

My Squad:

Las Vegas 58 mil
Friday Night Lights 40 mil
30 Rock 37 mil
Everbody Hates Chris 19 mil
The Office 50 mil
Heroes 82 mil

Thursday TV

My Name Is Earl (NBC). I'm still not sold on this show as a great comedy. In true NBC fashion, it is quite different in style than the comedies on other networks. Some of the humor just doesn't do it for me though. Maybe I just don't find hicks as hilarious as most people. Frankie Stechino is really the only one cracking me up in this show. That being said, I will absolutely watch this show every week for its incredible soundtracking. I can't get enough of it. No silly score or weird indy tunes. Straight rock classics throughout every episode. It's hard to feel much better than when "Sympathy for the Devil" comes on in the background when Earl is doing something crazy in prison.
4 out of 10.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC). I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this season premier. Watching the ex-interns now as residents and dragging around their own interns was great. It was also nice to laugh at George as he has to do the whole internship over again because he's a moron. Karev (below) and Sloan (above) were both back in form as two of the wittiest, most charismatic jerks on television. What put this ep over the top for me was the fact that I didn't want to slap Yang and Izzie in the face any time they talked. They were surprisingly watchable.
7 out of 10.

The Office (NBC). I was disappointed in that there was no David Wallace and no Beardy. There were a couple Ryan moments though so that showed promise. I'm not usually a Kevin guy but I thought he was in rare form last night. Also is it just me or are the writers trying to turn Oscar back straight because he doesn't seem gay at all. I still don't get T-time's love for angela. Her complaining about her cats is just not funny. Dwight killing her cat on the other hand is extremely funny. So is Michael crying about her cat dying. Finally I'd like to know how many other people out there felt like they were going to vomit when Pam and Jim were holding hands. I'm sorry but I couldn't help imagining the expression on Hugo's fat face the second that happened. I'm pretty sure I hurled a little in my mouth any time Pam and Jim were together in this episode and that makes me sad because I like Jim a lot.
7 out of 10.

Big Shots (ABC). This is a new show about four dudes that are all ridiculously rich CEO's of sweet companies. A couple of the guys seem like they could be good characters but I don't see this panning out to be that sweet. I mean of course I'll keep watching but I'm not too high on it thus far.
3 out of 10.

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