Saturday, October 6, 2007

OC season 3 and New Power Rankings

So I just finished watching the finale of The OC season 3 with Tyson and Juice. First of all I don't know if there is anyone who appreciates the OC as much as Tyson Brazell. Secondly for as much trash talk people were handing out for season 3, I was very pleased. Yeah the story lines weren't that great but its a primetime melodrama, what do you expect? the stories weren't sweet in seasons 1 or 2. But the characters are what makes this show good. Seth is one of the most lovable, nerdy, awkward kid there is and Sandy is easily the funniest and coolest dad ever to grace the small screen. I also have to admit, if i hadn't known that marissa was gonna die in the season 3 finale I would have been pretty steamy eyed even though I couldn't stand her every step of the way. Rumor has it that season 4 is real legit so I'm pretty excited about starting that.

10/6 Power Rankings

1. Heroes (1)
The week 2 episode was highlighted by the two guys being back together again. The Bennett-Haitian moment was one to live for. If you didn't get a little misty-eyed during that, then you shouldn't be watching this show. The Hiro/Kensai adventures look extremely promising. Watching Peter get his memory back and re-figure out all of the ridiculous powers that he has will be a complete joy.

2. Lost (2)

3. The Office (4)
Retakes the 3 spot after a significantly better second episode. I figuratively laughed the entire first half hour. On that note I am loving the hour long offices on the regular. I am also hating Ryan even more as an obnoxious boss than as an obnoxious temp. Jim and Pam still make me sick and Creed is unbelievable.

4. Las Vegas (3)
Another great ep, but couldn't stay ahead of the office. Danny and Mike fighting it out for President and then loving each other in a nice therapy session could have been the entire episode. but you throw in the quirky ways of AJ Cooper and it was just gold. I love the fact that Danny likes to bowl and Mike doesn't so therefore Danny get the President of Operations job.

5. 24 (6)

6. Entourage (7)

7. 30 Rock (5)
Takes a slip after a not-so-stellar season premier. Don't get me wrong, it was good but not up to its previous standards. Seinfeld was good, but i feel that taking away Tracy time is not something you ever want to do on this show. Jack was very good and I would love for the real NBC to throw SeinfeldVision at us some time soon.

8. Grey's Anatomy (8)
Another quality ep but not enough cockiness from Sloan. I'm still hating Meredith and Izzie more and more each episode but Yang is getting a little better for me. Would Meredith just realize it's not that hard to just talk to her sister. We all get it, her dad left when she was little. That's happened to a lot of people in the world. get over it.

9. Friday Night Lights (9)
Great Season Premier. Riggins was in full effect, but was anyone else under the impression that he was a senior last year? My man Landry was real legit throughout the episode up until he hit Tyra's stalker on the head with a lead pipe. as my boy Larry would say, 'i don't like the fact that he is a murderer.' Speaking of things I don't like, Julie was real wack this episode. Seracen is a great dude, why would she drop him for some random guy that has a girlfriend?

10. Curb Your Enthusiasm (10)

11. Journeyman (11)
This show has a real 'Las Vegas' feel to it because it is definitely a running plot but each episode has a new specific problem that Dan Vasser has to face. I really enjoyed the second episode on this week. I am really interested to see him meet himself in the past because most shows and movies dealing with time travel treat that a little differently.

12. House (15)
Climbs a few spots with the addition of some quality new characters. Olivia Wilde from the OC and Black Donnellys will be a real nice girl to have around House. Also Kumar from Harold and Kumar joins the cast. One of the best moments of this episode was when he turned his number upside down and said he was now number '9.' House himself was on point once again as this show tries to get itself into the top ten.

13. Back to You (-)
I thought it might had been a fluke but this sitcom is legit. Kelsey Grammar was extremely funny in this week's episode, especially his interactions with his illegitimate daughter. And as always Fred Willard was hilarious. I have never watched him in anything and not cracked up.

14. Rules of Engagement (12)
Jeff was great in this ep but the show is slowing up a bit. It is just a bit too 'sitcommy' right now. they need something to make it different.

15. Greek (13)

16. American Idol (14)

17. My Name Is Earl (16)
Earl did better this week so I feel bad slipping it a spot but I liked Back to You much better. Not as much Randy and Joy this week but the gay black and hispanic guys filled in nicely. Not much funnier than two opposite gang leaders pretending to fight so that they can lay on top of each other.

18. Family Guy (17)

19. Desperate Housewives (18)
After ending last season with Edie killing herself, I was glad to see that this season began with Edie not actually killing herself, but pretending to so that she could get much sympathy. The whole premise of this show is that it is the woman that are dealing with their good friend that killed herself, they don't need someone else to do it too.

20. Cane (19)
Better than last week, but I'd like to see some more action. I enjoyed the family talk about current music stars.

Performers of the Week (total points)

1. Creed Bratton-
The Office (10)
2. Danny McCoy-
Las Vegas (19)
3. Hiro Nakamura-
Heroes (8)
4. Marsh McGinley-
Back to You (8)
5. Jack Donaghy-
30 Rock (6)
6. Gregory House- House (5)
7. Kevin Malone- The Office (9)
8. Kelly Kapur- The Office (3)
9. Chuck Darling- Back to You (2)
10. Marc Sloan- Grey's Anatomy (9)

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