Friday, September 21, 2007

Preseason TV Power Rankings

1. Heroes
With arguably the best Premier Season of all time Heroes looks to return to form in its sophomore year. Best combination of character development, storyline and “seat edge.”

2. Lost
Definitely the show that creates the most questions for viewers. Would have had this at #1 if there weren't a few lagging episodes per season.

3. The Office
Number 1 comedy on the air. We all hope that Ryan at corporate means more David Wallace and more Beardy.

4. Las Vegas
Although it is behind Heroes and Lost on storyline, it is still ahead in characters. Losing Jimmy Caan will be tough but gaining Tom Seleck and Tom Seleck's mustache will keep it high in the rankings.

5. 30 Rock
Still flying high after the big Emmy win, 30 Rock looks to draw on Jerry Seinfeld's comedic genius to make a run at The Office. More Tracy and less Jenna will do the trick.

6. 24
Jack Bauer is still hanging around in his 7th year. As long as the writers dig deeper to find new story lines, this veteran will remain in the top 10.

7. Entourage
Just finishing its 4th season and on hiatus for a while could hurt or help Entourage.

8. Friday Night Lights
Actually being on Fridays for its second season should help with the atmosphere of the show.

9. Grey's Anatomy
This is way too high for a show that just fired a black guy for hating on a gay guy.

10. Curb Your Enthusiasm
Larry David: number one human being I'd like to sit on a couch with and hang out with right now.

11. Rules of Engagement
12. Greek
13. American Idol
14. My Name is Earl
15. Rome
16. Family Guy
17. House
18. Desperate Housewives
19. Scrubs
20. According to Jim

New shows with potential:
3.Back to You
6.Private Practice
8.Viva Laughlin
9.Big Shots
10.Dirty Sexy Money

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