Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday Medley

Let's start off with the most important thing. Heroes (NBC) is back on the air. The season 2 premier was very good and the beginning monologue was music to my ears. I love the skip ahead knowing that they will intertwine all of the missing pieces from the previous four months at one point or another. I could've used a little more Peter, but the amount of questions I have is unbelievable.
Who pushed Kaito off the roof?
Will we find out his power?
Who are the nine, now seven if angela is dead, original company members left?
How did Peter get lightning power?
How did Nathan go from politics to ron burgandy "milk was a bad choice" so fast?
To start the scoring system low I give the episode and 8 out of 10

Next, Journeyman (NBC). Great start to the series. Kevin McKidd is the man. I thought I had all of the time travel concepts down after watching Bill and Ted, Back to the Future and Heroes....but I was still taken back at some of the happenings between Journey Dan and presumably Journey Olivia. Also can we think about how ridiculous it was when Journey Dan, in front of his present wife was kissing his ex-wife, who is presumably dead in 2007, (but is actually traveling through time) 10 years in the past, while his present wife is secretly in love with him, but instead dating his brother. All in all I'd say it was a good first ep. It got two of my housemates very intrigued anyway.
I'm gonna go with a 7 out of ten.

Chuck (NBC). Me and NBC must go together like lamb and tuna fish because I even liked this one. I can't tell you how much I am missing last year's NBC "not so hits" Black Donnellys and Studio 60. Anyways if you watched the series premier of Chuck and couldn't tell this was Josh Schwartz and McG then you obviously don't pay attention to writers and producers names. The former writer, Schwartz, and Exec Producer, McG, of The OC are back on TV with this one. Instead of a show about a comic book nerd, living in Orange County with as much indy rock as you can stand, you have a show about a computer nerd, living in Los Angeles with the same amount of indy rock in the first ep. Although he is no Seth Cohen, I definitely enjoyed the character of Chuck. You also can't go wrong with CIA effects and car chases.
I'll go with a 6 out of ten for this one.

Rules of Engagement (CBS). After watching the short first season online last year I couldn't wait for the second season of Puddy, David Spade and Lansing. If you weren't too quick on the uptake of the first and last stars of this sitcom, the first would be Puddy, Elaine's boyfriend from Seinfeld, also known as Patrick Warburton or the host of Soarin' Over California at Epcot and Disney's California Adventure. The second is Lansing, because from certain angles this guy looks like Mike Lansing-- former Fryeburg Academy of Maine, UMaine XC and track star and friend of T-time. His name is Oliver something or other and I believe he is Kate Hudson's brother. All in all funny episode. Puddy and Spade carry the show and as far as comedy's go these days it is one of the better ones.
Start small, 6 out of 10.

Two and a Half Men (CBS). After watching a few reruns on the CW at 7 I decided I'd give this a whirl. I mean it was the highest comedy in the ratings last year. Here's the problem with America. This show is not good. The laugh track is ridiculous. The kid and Charlie Sheen's brother are not funny and the old, fat lady is even worse. I did find myself laughing at the Charlie Sheen lines but I'm pretty sure that is only because I was imagining him in the Ted Brogan skit saying, "I got two g's" and "what you have here is a dude." Anyway this is sub-par at best but i will probably give it another shot next week.
3 out of 10.

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