Friday, February 24, 2012

The Office 816 Review- She's Bugging Me

Jim- "How many buttons do you have?"
Dwight- "40...always."
"After Hours" was a perfect example of the positives and negatives that arise by The Office's decision to split the cast into two for at least a few episodes in the middle of season eight.

Essentially, a super group has been formed in Tallahassee, joining together for some of the best characters on the show. Dwight, Pam-less Jim, new and improved Stanley, Ryan, Dwight, a surprisingly funny Gabe, and the better of the guest stars from last season's finale in Catherine Tate, are here in one place, and it made for some darn hilarious escapades this week.

While I'm not sure how to react to the idea that Pam's Replacement wants to hook up with Jim, I do know that everyone's reactions to it have been hilarious. Jim acting awkward around her, Stanley turning the other cheek and Dwight all but expediting the process was great.

Nothing was better, though, than when Jim tried to get out of it by telling Dwight he had bed bugs. Whether it was asking Jim about the bug's mood, spraying Pam's Replacement with chemicals or jumping under the covers in his underwear to catch the bugs, Dwight was on fire in Jim's hotel room.
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The Office 816 - "After Hours"


  1. Jim and Kathy need to hook up and have a soft p0rn scene. That would make the ratings skyrocket. Lindsey Broad is so effn hot.

  2. The Tallahassee stuff wasn't as funny as the Scranton scenes this episode. I was surprised as how close we got to seeing Pam's replacement's underwear. i'm not complaing though. i hope catherine tate takes over for james spader.