Friday, February 24, 2012

30 Rock 609 Review- Real Life Is For March

Tracy- "It's just fan mail. I mean would you read a bunch of letters from people who look up to me?"
"Leap Day" was an episode of 30 Rock I respected a whole lot more than I laughed at.

Between the creation of this fictitious holiday, everyone's absurd involvement in the day's festivities and especially the development and execution of the faux movie starring Jim Carrey, the outing was a lot of fun, if not all that overtly funny.

Steve Buscemi, who earned his second 30 Rock directing credit this week, made the episode enjoyable. Everyone watching Kenneth direct traffic as the office's very own Leap Day William, or the fantastic transitions between Leap Day past, present, and future for Jack, are a couple of examples of the magical feeling to the half hour.

Sure, there were some outright funny moments, but not nearly as many as the standard episode of 30 Rock. Tracy thinking that Dot Com is his imaginary friend is absolutely hilarious, especially when Dot Com continues to give him evidence to the contrary.
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30 Rock 609 - "Leap Day"

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  1. i've read a lot of people complain about 30 rock lately but i think it's gotten much better from the start of this season & this episode had me laughing throughout.