Friday, September 2, 2011

Wilfred 112 Review- Italian Snausage

Wilfred- "Ryan I've always had your best interest at heart, and I've never asked for anything in return...except for a bunch of stuff."
Love is a willingness to sacrifice.

And "Sacrifice" Ryan Newman did by the end of this episode. He could have gone off to Italy and been happy in the near future, but Jenna is the love of his life, which we have all knew since the first episode. Ryan is willing to sacrifice some of his own happiness for love, and he may be a better man for that.

This was a great showcase for Elijah Wood, who doesn't get nearly enough credit for the fantastic job he is doing on Wilfred. I'm just as much to blame as anyone, but it remains difficult to note his performance when Jason Gann is so hilarious week after week.

Wood has created this character in Ryan that is so screwed up yet so likable, that the audience has no choice but to continue to root for him to get better. Watching Ryan have the best day of his life with his Italian beauty was extremely heartwarming, which made it bittersweet when he ended up choosing to stay with Jenna and Wilfred.

Having said all of that, Gann still knocked it out of the park once again. I mean, can you honestly sit there and think that anyone can do better than "undies on the face?"
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Wilfred 112 - "Sacrifice"

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