Saturday, September 10, 2011

Big Brother Weeks 10 and 11- You Are Deleted

Spoiler Alert...Below are the results and my thoughts on this week's episodes of Big Brother 13. Also, we'll take a look at how Mags', Jaydon's, Larry's and my teams are stacking up on the fantasy side of things. So before reading any further, watch the eps, sell water to a well, then read what I have to say.

Well I just finished writing a long post on this week's Big Brother, but then it all got deleted because Blogger decided not to auto-save my stuff. I am not going to write it all over again, so just look at some fantasy scores and get ready for Wednesday's finale, where I think Rachel will defeat Adam in the final of Big Brother.

And with that, I'll turn you over to the fantasy scoreboard, in which Jaydon continues to dominate...

Jeff +51
Rachel +94: HoH (+15), W10 (+46), Nom (-10), W11 (+56)= +201
Kalia +126: Nom (-10), Votes (-8)= +108

Last Week at +271: Team total= +360

Brendon -14
Lawon -35
Adam +115: Veto (+15), W10 (+46), HoH (+15), W11 (+56)= +247

Last Week at +66: Team total= +198

Daniele +14
Cassie -95
Porsche +93: Nom (-10), Votes (-4), W10 (+46), Nom (-10), Veto (+15), W11 (+56)= +186

Last Week at +12: Team total= +105

Jordan +76: W10 (+46), Nom (-10), Votes (-4)= +108
Shelly +15
Dominic -110

Last Week at -19: Team total= +13

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