Thursday, September 22, 2011

Survivor 2302 Review- Faithfully Challenged

Coach- "When it comes to friends, you can never have too many."
Brandon Hantz, the nephew of now famous former Survivor Russell Hantz, has all of his uncle's worst qualities, and none of the good ones.

Russell was conniving in a charming way. He was disruptive in a fun-loving way. And he was just dumb enough to make his evil behavior seem sincere. In "He Has Demons" Brandon proved to be annoyingly conniving, disgustingly disruptive, and so unintelligent and oblivious to his surroundings that at times I thought I was in some sort of dream state.

During the first few days Brandon waxed on and on about how he was never going to let anyone know he was Russell's nephew, but at the start of episode two, he told Coach immediately. He even used God and his faith as his reason for revealing his secret to Coach, but then sneakily made sure that the Dragonslayer kept that nugget of info on the DL. Yeah, God wants you to share your secret with Coach, but nobody else.

It only became worse from there, as his odd and disturbing obsession with Mikayla hit new strides. The dude claims she is using seduction on all the men, but unless the editors are doing an absolute number on us, she seems to be standing around most of the time just like everybody else.
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Survivor 2302 - "He Has Demons"

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