Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big Brother Finale- Rachel Getting Money

Spoiler Alert...Below are the results and my thoughts on this week's finale of Big Brother 13. Also, we'll take a look at how Mags', Jaydon's, Larry's and my teams stacked up at the end up another fantasy season. So before reading any further, watch the ep, feel lucky life isn't a personality contest, then read what I have to say.

Well it was pretty much a forgone conclusion that Rachel was going to be winning Big Brother a couple of weeks ago now. Which leaves me with this bold claim...Brendon was the player of the year. It turns out his plan sacrifice himself so that Rachel could stay in the game was the correct move. She may be a complete jerk, and plenty dumb, but she found a way to win among the rest of the losers she was left with.

Rachel found the inner strength to turn her crazy button off just long enough to allow Daniele, Jeff, Shelly and Jordan scrape, claw, and scream at each other until not a single one of them was left in the house. Rachel was then left with Kalia, Porsche and Adam. A bigger group of misfits I have not seen at the end of a reality competition. Rachel was guaranteed to win every endurance challenge, was most likely to win the physical challenges, and for some reason or another, this girl always wins the lucky challenges as well.

I may have detested her for most of the season, but when it came down to the final four or five houseguests, I was honestly fine with her winning this thing. She didn't lie about how difficult this game was for her. Was she creating most of the problems that tortured her throughout the summer? Sure, but that doesn't mean it wasn't still a difficult task at hand. And she overcame, with a surprising amount of class. So congrats.

Other Thoughts From Finale Night

- That jury conversation is always a disaster, because unlike me, nobody can ever see somebody else's side of an argument. In the case of Kalia, she couldn't even listen to another side, let alone attempt to see the reasoning behind it. Honestly, was Brendon the only one that was not ridiculously insufferable during that convo?

- I've had my rants about Adam before, but this time he outdid himself. He claims to be a student of the game, but doesn't even understand what a floater is. The guy finally decides to step up and make a speech, and he uses it to yell at Porsche for being a floater? You are also a floater Adam. A floater is someone who floats along in the game, not doing anything, and hoping to scrape by. It is not someone who floats back and forth between alliances, like you apparently thought it was.

- More on the fake metal head. Why were people cheering for him when he came out of the house? It must have been because he didn't make it to the final right? There's no way a single person enjoyed him this season right? He was absolutely one of my least favorite players of all time, and he had my bias of being on my fantasy team. The fact that he thinks that he had a shot at winning in the final two is hilarious. You were just as weak as Porsche in every facet of the game, and also, nobody liked you. Rachel would have swept you.

- Rachel wins the final vote, 4-3. That goes to show that you never know how the jury is going to vote. Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan were obviously voting for Rachel, while Daniele and Kalia were obviously voting for Porsche. It came down to Adam and Shelly, with the former voting for Porsche for God knows why (reminded him of Donna Martin with the blonde hair?), and the latter voting for Rachel undoubtedly because she played a better game. Shelly ended up having the deciding vote, and although she hated Rachel as much as anyone in the house (well maybe not Daniele), she did the right thing and crowned her the winner.

- Jeff won America's Favorite Houseguest? Get a life America. Yeah, two seasons ago this made sense. He was your All-American guy that played straight up and was pretty fun. This time around he was a hypocritical idiot that did nothing but get in fights with people that were actually making sense when they talked. There is fun and entertaining delusional (see Coach of Survivor) and then there was Jeff this season. Take a hike pal.

Jaydon won the fantasy season in a landslide. Nice work once again my friend, and I'll see you all next summer.

Jeff +51
Rachel +201: Part 1 (+10), Part 3 (+15), W12 (+67), Win (+79)= +372
Kalia +108

Last Week at +360: Team total= +531

Brendon -14
Lawon -35
Adam +247: Votes (-4)= +243

Last Week at +198: Team total= +194

Daniele +14
Cassie -95
Porsche +186: Part 2 (+10), W12 (+67)= +263

Last Week at +105: Team total= +182

Jordan +108
Shelly +15
Dominic -110

Last Week at +13: Team total= +13


  1. I don't care if he was only in it for six days, he played the best. My vote was for Evil.