Monday, October 8, 2012

Homeland 202 Review - Via Text Message

After only two episodes of its second season, it is crystal clear that Homeland is going to keep coming at viewers with non-stop pulse-pounding and surprising television.

Between the meet-gone-bad with Abu Nazir, Carrie running for her life through the streets, the Marines questioning what happened with Tom Walker and that final video clip Saul started watching, "Beirut is Back" was a perfect example of this show at its Emmy-winning best.

Let us begin with the fact Carrie was indeed right about her intel. Her instincts were correct, which means she's even closer to her old self. That certainly isn't to say that she's back at the top of her game. As she noted, being wrong about Brody f*cked her up.

Listening to her talk about that, and then watching her go up on the roof during a major freak out, was disconcerting. In just one short season, it has been incredibly easy to let Carrie Mathison into our lives. Witnessing her struggle so much shouldn't be easy on us.
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