Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Comedy Rankings- You're an Awesome Mate

The Weekly Comedy Rankings are back in full effect this week, as the ABC sitcoms returned. Here are which episodes I liked best over the course of this week.

1. Happy Endings
2. Angry Boys
3. Suburgatory
4. iCarly
5. Modern Family
6. Last Man Standing
7. Work It

Happy Endings continues to be great, but HBO's Angry Boys stepped up to the plate with two hilarious early episodes this past Sunday. I understand that it wouldn't be everybody's type of humor, but it works for me.

In fact, I gave Daniel, one of the Australian twin brothers, my MVP vote for the week. His mix of hatred and love for his deaf brother never ceases to be a source of humor. For best moment of the week, I think it has to be Daniel making fun of his brother. Every time he says something nice - which for him means calling Nathan and "awesome mate" - he proceeds to call him names behind a magazine so Nathan can't read his lips. Genius.

Both my LVP and worst moment go to Work It, which will be a one and done for me. As bad as it was, it is not nearly as bad as every critic in the world is making it out to be. I actually think the problems with the show are the exact opposite of what Sepinwall and Fienberg said. The writing showed promise, but it was the absolutely atrocious performances that ruined it.

It's still really bad, but I preferred this pilot to I Hate My Teenage Daughter, and maybe even to Man Up.

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